Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Welcome to the first post

Well, here it is!  I have finally succumbed to numerous requests from people to blog about our (apparently) strange and wonderful life-style in the midst of "normality". 

So what is it that we do?

  • We write, illustrate and self-publish children's poetry and fiction in the UK
  • David visits schools to perform his poetry and runs drama and writing workshops
  • We travel regularly in our motorhome in the UK and Europe
  • We home educate our six children (well four now the older ones are in higher education and employment)
  • We do as much as we can for as little as we can

What do I hope to achieve through this blog?

  • To tell of our adventures in the world of self-publishing
  • To describe some of the inspiring travel escapades
  • To share some of the headaches involved with the big juggling act
  • To sell our books and music through the website
  • To learn to write an interesting blog

Well, that's it for today.  I only hope I can remember all the login details for the next post 

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