Friday, 7 March 2014

Time to revamp my blog

I have been blogging for a year and a bit.  I only ever started  as an experiment and to let loose a bit of my own creativity in the form of writing, not just illustration.  I was only playing at it really.  While it has been pleasant to see that people around the world are finding it but has made me realise that you really need to put a lot of effort in to spreading the word if a blog is going to really generate traffic and, one fine day, increased book sales.  Perhaps I am ready for that now.

Although there is loads of information on the internet, I feel there is too much to digest on screen so I have turned to my local library and picked up a good old-fashioned book:  "Blogging All-in-one for Dummies".  I still prefer paper to digital publications despite being sat in front of screens more than I used to be.  Reading this book (a substantial tome so reading is also a physical work-out) has made me think that I ought to split the blog up into separate blogs for self-publishing and home-education.  The travel elements come into both so I will just incorporate them as necessary.

I had never even heard of Technorati or IceRocket - blog search tools.  I had heard of "backlinks" and I knew they were important in promoting a blog but I never found time to investigate how key they are.  All that is changing...gradually.

I intend to run three blogs:  one for self-publishing; one for home education and finally one for my Mr Smile character.  The Itinerant Poet and I have decided that Mr Smile's success with children and adults merits his own outlet for all things happy.  This will range from poems to thoughts for the week, videos, podcasts and whatever else we dream up.

Here they are then:

Home Education blog - Doing it our Way


Mr Smile's Happy Blog

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